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3 Current Design Trends For Kitchen Sinks

Your time spent in the kitchen will invariably be divided among several ley areas with particular focus on a few key items. The stove and refrigerator are right up there as it relates to high usage; but what about the kitchen sink? Often neglected, this important kitchen fixture can make a break a kitchen experience. Getting a good kitchen sink setup involves not just the placement of it, but the type of sink you choose. Of course, when choosing anything for your kitchen it helps to have a clear layout of the choices. To help you with that, we therefore present this handy little guide on kitchen sinks. We’ll leave the size selection to your actual implementation and focus instead on the various types that are available to the average homeowner. Your choice for kitchen sinks will fall into two broad categories: vintage and contemporary.

Farmhouse Style

The tall elongated spout with the distinctive apron front gives the Farmhouse style sink a truly distinct look. The throwback appeals of this type of kitchen sink suits tastes that value the older styles in their kitchen. You’ll find Farmhouses that are quietly modified to deliver a contemporary edge. These designs will come with perfectly square tubs mixed with tall, curved spouts. Farmhouses are not for everyone, though. Though they are easier to clean and maintain, Farmhouse sinks are notoriously sparse in terms of number of finishes available. If you are keen on vintage and tradition, however, the Farmhouse style sink is the right choice for you.

Round Style

Round sinks are part of the contemporary movement in kitchen design. Though not the fully modern designs found in their cousins we’ll cover below, round sinks are chic and often elevate a kitchen status. These sinks can have with single tall curved spouts or in some instances, dual spouts. The one great advantage of round sinks though lies with their versatility. These sinks are capable of handling pretty much any shape dish or pot you throw at it. They usually have great depth to them (even the small ones), so the washing experience in them is typically a pleasant one. Unlike Farmhouse style sinks, round sinks come in a greater variety of finishes and materials used to make them are varied. This gives you very good flexibility when designing the broader features of your kitchen. Choose the round style if you want a compromise between vintage and ultra-modern.

The Rectangular Style

Vintage and chic gives way to the modern industrial style kitchen sink which is invariably rectangular. These rectangular sinks conform to the current movement of minimalism and form part of the modern aesthetic in most contemporary kitchens. No less functio0nal than the other two, rectangular kitchens can often offer a bit more in terms size and function. It is not uncommon for instance, to find rectangular kitchen sinks built with modular additions for storing items such as knives and forks. Rectangular kitchen sinks that are built into the countertops are also in vogue. This offers the ultimate convenience. Though not impossible a task, one downside to these sinks is the difficulty in cleaning. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of function and modernity, and don’t mind working a little harder at cleaning, you can’t go far wrong with a rectangular kitchen sink.

Hopefully this has enlightened you about the various options available in choosing kitchen sinks. For the best results in getting the right sink think in terms of your broader design goals. Each type of sink comes with its size, finish and shape advantages so make sure that your overall goals line up with the sink you choose.

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